Costume Quality Ratings

Not all costumes are created equally! Some costumes are intended to be simple one-wear outfits to get the look at a low price, while others are finely constructed collector's editions for the true aficionado! CostumeBox has created our own quality rating system to help you choose the best costume for your needs!

Costume Quality Rating

Bronze Standard Costumes - cheap and cheerful!
This is our entry-level range of economy costumes - great if you need a simple and inexpensive costume to get the look for your party or event. If you add a few accessories, maybe a wig and makeup, it will have a great impact at a low price.

These costumes typically have:

- Simple designs.
- Thinner economy fabrics.
- Simple construction with raw, un-hemmed edges.
- Few or no included accessories, if present they are of a basic nature.
- Decoration or design details are usually printed on the fabric.
- Velcro or tie fasteners.
- Belts are usually raw fabric strips that tie up at the back or have printed vinyl/fabric buckles.
- Limited easy fit sizing range, or one size fits most.
- Not constructed for repeated washing and wear.

Costume Quality Rating

Silver Standard Costumes - mid-range quality, high-range effect!
These costumes are great options for parties, with a wide range of characters and genres available. Often with some included accessories or other detailing, we consider these to be good costumes, of reasonable quality, and at a great price.

These costumes typically have:
- Imaginative designs with a limited but effective level of detailing.
- More variation of fabrics than the bronze range, though sometimes thinner than fashion designs.
- Raw, or sometimes overlocked edges, often un-hemmed.
- Some sold with a basic level of included accessories.
- Velcro, tie or sometimes button closures.
- Plastic belt buckles and fabric or vinyl belts.
- Design details may be printed on the costume or may be an EVA piece glued or stitched on.
- A basic range of easy-fit sizes available.
- Will usually withstand gentle hand washing or spot cleaning (on EVA pieces).

Costume Quality Rating

Gold Standard Costumes - costumes that will make you stand out, especially if your 'ex' is going to be there!
Our Gold Standard Costume range features great fancy dress outfits with a healthy dash of fashion styling and fun accessories.

These costumes typically have:
- Detailed designs and a high level of styling.
- Quality fabrics with good thickness or detailing.
- Superior cuts and construction, always hemmed or over-locked edges (unless raw/cut edges are a design feature of the garment).
- Often with good accessories included.
- Metal or good quality plastic belt buckles and buttons.
- Zipper, button, or hook and eye closures.
- Comprehensive range of sizes for the optimum fit.
- Gentle hand washing, great for many uses.

Costume Quality Rating

Platinum Standard Costumes - simply the best, top of the range for looking fabulous or getting the movie quality effect!
The finest quality retail costumes available on the market. For those who only accept the best, these are for enthusiasts and those who like to turn heads when they make an entrance!

These costumes typically have:
- The most authentic designs, highest standard of detailing.
- The best range of quality fabrics and trims.
- Properly constructed garments, fully finished to a very high standard.
- High level of inclusions, great quality accessories often included.
- Metal belt buckles, where appropriate.
- Quality buttons, zippers and hook and eye closures.
- Usually available in comprehensive size ranges for a superior fit.
- Dry clean only, or spot clean where appropriate.

Please Note: These are general guidelines to help you choose the right costume for your event. We stock a large range of costumes from an array of manufacturers, so variations will occur and some outfits will cross into more than one category.